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Which trade school is the best?

Discussion about tradeschools, techschools, universities and other programs.

Which trade school is the best?

Postby Billsaples » Wed Dec 06, 2017 11:50 pm

Which trade school should I attend? Which ones help with job placement effectively? Which trade schools are worth the money? Which trade schools are worthless?

I have seen several Posts from new guys looking for work who are not being helped by their trade school education very much. I have worked with some trade school grads who were incredibly worthless, sad since they paid a lot of money to be able to be worthless. As I search the forum I don't see any threads to help prevent this, so here we are.

Please post remarks and reviews about trade schools in your area. Ones you attended, ones your co-workers attended, ones you would never/always hire from. I will post the first one - please follow the pattern if you can so as to make it easily searchable by the youngsters looking for their locale.

Maybe we can help somebody out.

Please Include something concrete about a specific school.

Please put a location and a school in the title line, for searchability.

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Re: Which trade school is the best?

Postby Farmwelding » Thu Dec 07, 2017 4:15 pm

I am currently attending Blackhawk Technical college in Milton, WI. It is absolutely fantastic. All of the instructors are fantastic at their job. Overall, what I have noticed about other students is you get what you put in. Myself, I am always willing to ask for help if I am stuck on something, I will watch a demonstration from every instructor if I have to or at least discuss it with them. I discuss what worked and what didn't work with other students and take considerably less time. If you are willing to engage yourself, you will learn. Now of course if your instructors are trash then that is a problem. Go meet with the instructors and talk with them. If they are passionate, then it is most likely a quality program. Make sure they have quality field experience and can actually weld.
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Re: Which trade school is the best?

Postby cwarne10 » Fri Dec 08, 2017 7:57 am

Vincennes University, In Southern Indiana is where i went. Like Farmwelding said you get what you put in. If you apply yourself you will succeed but if not you wont walk away with a whole lot. I walked out with 8 certifications from pipe to plate, mig, tig, stick, flux core, and stt root/pulse fill mig. Other people walked out with 1 certification. I like Vincennes because it had the College atmosphere without the price. It was more of a technical college. I just didnt want to go to an ivy tech or something of the likeness and only talk with people i had in my major.

I think the same can be said for placement after school. If you didnt put a whole lot in during the classes how can you expect them the speak highly of you? You still have to do some job searching but Vincennes had an office dedicated to finding people jobs. You had to go there and ask but they would give you some options that they had.
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