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Marylands best

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Marylands best

Postby JedBrownley » Mon Sep 21, 2015 1:21 am

Ok, I may be a little bit partial. Considering I went to one school that I payed a lot of money for to learn the basics of welding and to get a D1.1 Certification. But, I've had the opportunity to start in with another school (which is looking to hire me as an instructor). This school is Earlbeck Gas and Technology. The instructor there is a young guy like me. But, can weld better in all processes better than I have seen many so far. Also, having the knowledge of a welding veteran of many years his age. The school I first went to was money hungry and you could tell that it was all they were interested in. Earlbeck just wants to make a better class of combination welder a out there. They have an incredible amount of resources. Materials and testing is what you want out of a school. This school spares nothing! Use what you need when you need it. Test when you are ready. And test again if needed. But, with the instruction and help of the staff. The success rate of certifications is very high. 6G Pipe no problem. Up to being certified on military grade armor. It's crazy! If you are in the Maryland area and are interested at all in welding contact me or contact Earlbeck yourself and see what you think! If you are a Vet, ugh... Like me you're suckin because they don't at this time take the GI Bill. But, brothers and sisters it's worth it!
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Re: Marylands best

Postby Otto Nobedder » Tue Sep 22, 2015 6:22 pm

Thank you for that...

Sharing a little personal experience of being on or near the ends of the spectrum for welder training helps everyone understand a subject that's been discussed here before. We have members here who teach, who will back up every word you said about the differences between schools. We also have a few who have experienced more than one program, who will also agree.

It sounds like you've picked a winner, and good luck with the instructor position!

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