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making a control box simple MMA inverter

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making a control box simple MMA inverter

Postby olek » Wed Oct 25, 2017 9:43 am

Did you hear of people making a derivation to obtain a remote control (amps) from an inverter?

Mine have a contact type + and - no potentiometer.

I wish to make a "box" if not too difficult ...
(with a little help from my friends [​IMG])

The model I have is a PROGYS 200E FV CEL

I did wrote to them yet , they did not hear of a customer doing that. I gave them a call and obtain that very simple sketch
SOund like 2 simple buttons are necessary for + and - , probably the original ones can stay active as they are all in an open position at rest .

I will try to know how long the wire can be, and what is that coil on the circuit.

Seem to be simple indeed
THe "keyboard" module is probably only the buttons allowing to select the modes (Hot start, arc force, stick/tig) , plus "on/off" so this do not need to be deported.
I will appreciate any info, as the type of wire, (with a ground ?), thickness, type of switches (I can ask for the current level, should be very low)

it could be connected at all times .(the LCD display stay on the machine) but hopefully both controls should work OK

SOmething I may ask is if the machine accept changing amps while welding (why no ?)

I suppose it is delicate to manage a pulse system with a potentiometer

any ideas ? thanks
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