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I’d like to pick jody’s mind about the industry and age

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I’d like to pick jody’s mind about the industry and age

Postby One1 » Sat Feb 10, 2018 5:06 am

Pipelining, boilermaking, unions, plant jobs. These are what I’m offered. There is a new plant being built this year on a 15 year timeline so plenty of steady work with lots of $$$. My family is going to have a hand in it and I can get my foot in the door if I want. I’m in my 40’s and have never done anything like that (the long distance, long hours, union stuff that takes years). I feel like since I’m not seasoned for that stuff and would have to adapt maybe it’s something I should leave to the 20 year olds and hardened union boilermakers and just keep on fabbing.

I know jody has seen a lot of time in the field and then cwe/cwi the newboys before they are thrown in the lions den. If you are offered a shot at boilermaker and union in your 40’s, can you overcome and adapt at a plant being built against the youngins and vets? It’s a solid chance to retire the helmet at 55-ish and CWI from there until I’m done. I’d like to hear what he thinks based on what he has seen. I already have the chance to ask my family that whom are overqualified for the answer, but they want me to just do it and i need an unbiased opinion. It’s not something I can try and fail at. They are top of the food chain at ASME and everything that gets printed comes from their desk. If I don’t succeed 100% it’ll be a total fail. This question isn’t posed about my abilities as an individual. Put any 40-something John Q Public in this and decide. All replies welcome, but qualified answers wanted.
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Re: I’d like to pick jody’s mind about the industry and age

Postby Poland308 » Sat Feb 10, 2018 9:23 am

There have been several guys I personally know who started there apprenticeships after they were 40. They stuck it out and did fine.
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Re: I’d like to pick jody’s mind about the industry and age

Postby LtBadd » Sat Feb 10, 2018 3:06 pm

One1, Jody doesn't typically respond in the forum, although I can't say he won't.

If your determined to go this route I'd say you'll probably do well. Don't focus on others just be your best, a lot of the young guys have problems just showing up on time, or at all.

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Re: I’d like to pick jody’s mind about the industry and age

Postby weldin mike 27 » Sun Feb 11, 2018 5:16 am

As a CWI that can actually weld and fab, you'll have a far greater chance of a good time than a office only cwi. If you can talk the talk and walk the walk, you can assist a youngster and know the right skills to shut down an old timer if they don't agree. Note: some won't agree whatever happens but what you say will be better accepted.
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Re: I’d like to pick jody’s mind about the industry and age

Postby Antorcha » Mon Feb 12, 2018 6:03 pm

When you were nursing I was chasing shutdowns and one of my best friends was a 1/2 Proto spud ratchet....
If I were in my 40's again ?.....I'd get REAL good at SS and AL tig and look for a job in the AC or seaside doing fancy yatchets and hi dolla kitchen work and restaurant work. Clean. Not too heavy, not too dangerous yet requires patience and mastery.
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