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Luxor 200P With Adjustable A/C Freq!!

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Luxor 200P With Adjustable A/C Freq!!

Postby Nissan20det » Fri May 08, 2015 6:15 pm

Hey guys I wanted to post this up as I have seen really no info on this welder and or any reviews on it.

So this Welder is called the Luxor 200P, Found on eBay. Now this welder is Awesome in my opinion! I have had this for little over a year now and it is still kicken. For 950$ US wow I have never bought something so worth the money WOW!

Now out of the box(With Chinese Welders) always good to look under the hood for any unplugged or missing equipment. Lucky all was there but I did notice inside the ARC FORCE Potentiometer wasn't even solder in lol.(Controls MMA, Never used it) But did solder it back on. Now all else looked great so time for first ignition! Well the pedal that came with it was screwed right off the bat. Whoever put it together Wired the Power Control Potentiometer wrong in the pedal. So Not pressed I was at 200AMPs and floored was at 0AMPs. UUGGGHH Well simple fix just switched a few wires around.

Now first start up i was very well impressed everything worked great! Well that I Thought. After using it for a week or two I realized the front of the machine said 0-300HZ for Pulse Freq and Just by listening I could tell i was no where around 300. So other than that all worked great so I did not wanna wait 3-4 weeks to get a new one sent to me. I WANTED TO WELD!!! But I figured in the mean time I'll try to contact the seller to see if he could help fix it... WELL.... 6 months later nothing fixed at all and really no further. They kept forwarding me to other people that did'nt understand I was talking about the 0-300HZ Pulsar and was not talking about the fixed 60HZ A/C Freq.

Well I Said okay screw it can I some how just get a schematic for this so I can fix it myself. So six months later and 14 schematics later I finally got the correct one! If you buy one Greg who is they guy on eBay was really helpful and will work with you on any matter. So With is I was able to test that I was at 178HZ NOT 300HZ!! So a Little tweaking of some internal resistor values for the OP AMP Feedback circuit and Wallla!!! 300HZ...

Now to the real Point of this post! hahaha Sorry....
I have Figured out How to make the A/C Frequency adjustable from 50HZ-250HZ ( I did try up to 400HZ but torch was spitting a bit) so 250 Is what I went with so feel free to go higher and if you have good success please let me know! Now Before I post Up Pictures and actually how to do this I wanted to see how many people respond to this having one of these Luxors. Now This is a pretty easy job to do. Just need some solder Solder iron, Solder Wick, One or a combination of two resistors to make 28,600.OHMs, I will find the exact resistance for the pulser i got mine to go up to 600HZ but with a 5k Board mount Potentiometer And I would only recommend this if yo have a way to check Freq. If not I suggest a Fixed resistor or at least a fixed inline with a POT so you cant go to far. The circuit itself for pulse and A/C Freq can go up to 50KHZ DO NOT TRY THIS!

This Is A 200P Chinese TIG This Mod Is ONLY For Tig Welders That Have This Type Of Main Controller Board

Also I wanna Add that in getting the right schematic for mine I got alot that where not for mine but may be for yours. so if your main board looks different or is the long one i may have your schematic too. think i have 3-4 different welders all together lol...
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Re: Luxor 200P With Adjustable A/C Freq!!

Postby JoePeeple » Tue Jan 30, 2018 9:25 am

I have the same welder (different name brand, but the same machine) and am very keen to find out how you change the output AC frequency from the standard fixed 60Hz.
Am I correct in understanding your post that you have modified the machine to be able to change the AC output frequency, independently to the Pulse frequency?
Any info would be much appreciated
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