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Community Conduct & Rules

Welcome information, forum rules and general guidelines

Community Conduct & Rules

Postby admin » Tue Jan 22, 2013 3:45 pm

This online community is welcoming and helpful. We ask that all members be respectful, use good judgement and apply common sense when participating in the forum. There are many potential solutions to a given problem and we're all here to share our experiences and gain new insights that help us get the job done. Please be be constructive and offer helpful tips or information to others. Everyone is welcome here - even the pros of the forum remember what it was like when they were a beginner ...

Now, we don't like rules and regulations anymore than the next person. But, from time to time we need a set of guidelines to follow as we moderate the forum. If you're respectful and use good judgement, you will be within the guidelines of the community.

>>>Official Rules of Conduct and Guidelines<<<

Please read and understand the rules below. If you are found in violation of these rules, you may be subject to the suspension of privileges or membership up to and including being banned from the forum. Please, don't do anything that would warrant being banned.

We reserve the right to add or ammend these rules on an ongoing basis. Our decisions on these matters are final.

1. Be respectful. Personal attacks, bullying, taunting, harassing or otherwise inflammatory conduct will not be tolerated.
2. Be accurate. To the best of your ability, post the truth.
3. Keep it clean. Please avoid using profanity and refrain from posting innapropriate comments, images or files here.
4. Don't spam or advertise in threads. We keep our forum clean, so we require approval for first time posters. Once your post is approved, this restriction is lifted for the rest of your membership with us.
5. Don't gripe about wages on job posting threads. If you have an issue with the post, just don't apply for the job. Lots of us here are new to the trade and are in need of entry level gigs.

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