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Re: grinders

Postby Otto Nobedder » Wed Aug 02, 2017 7:48 pm

MosquitoMoto wrote:Mmm....grinders. My 2 cents:

1) Own several, one for cup brush, one for slice wheel, one flap disc, one grind wheel, etc. So much faster to just pick up another grinder than to always be changing wheels.

2) When you buy it, tear it apart and grease it. You'd be surprised how many have either very little grease or just terrible grease as standard.

3) Get a good face shield. I use a Bolle shield and wouldn't be without it. An exploding wheel in the face is even worse than a piece of twist wire in the eye. Both are nasty.

4) Respect them. You get bitten when you get complacent. (Ask me how I know!)


Also, run a new grinder a full minute with no load. This will seat the brushes to the commutator and will add lifespan. Many manuals actually tell you this, but most of us just throw a wheel on and go to work.

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Re: grinders

Postby AndersK » Thu Aug 03, 2017 3:01 am

Otto Nobedder wrote:Also, run a new grinder a full minute with no load.

...and run them 30s without load after being used hard.
Cools the motor and add lifespan too
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