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Podcast #27 w/Paul Brinegar ZT Fab

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Podcast #27 w/Paul Brinegar ZT Fab

Postby Bradk » Sun Dec 10, 2017 9:46 am

Jody and Roy,
I much appreciated your podcast with Paul Brinegar (ZT Fab) just a very engaged and talented guy with a passion for what he does. I must say I have not listened to many of the podcasts but pick and choose I guess which ones interest me? I own two of Paul's carts, one for my Lincoln Squarewave 200 and the other for my Everlast Tig 250EX. Super easy to put together and bought both with the drawer kit option which in my case find invaluable to place item specific to that welder i.e. torch parts, etc. oh yah, a place to park my "Tig Fingers" as well!
I have only contacted Paul via email and sent pictures of the first cart build which he posted on is Instagram page. Paul responded back to me which was really cool and was very encouraging as to my comment of being a "hack welder", "more seat time" he said will make you a better welder, I agree. I found his products through Welding Tips and Tricks, another invaluable resource to many of my welding frontiers. Thanks Jody, Roy, and Paul for all the info and products that you guys make available to all.

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