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video suggestion : dig function practical effect

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video suggestion : dig function practical effect

Postby olek » Mon Jul 17, 2017 11:52 am

It is about the "dig" function, and how it modify the arc behavior, how it can be regulated depending of the rod and the job at hand

I am often training on thin steel, as 3/8 and even less, so the "arc force/dig function is not helping, as I had a feeling that my arc is too much invasive often.
When I begun to feel at ease with what I see, and the arc length management, I discovered that to understand the amp regulation I'd better put the dig function at its minimum, or even off

And I understand way better how the arc is working relatively at it's size.
It makes less sparkles
and I have no undercut due to very short arc plus dig.
if you think it is possible to make a clear enough demonstration of the arc with an without the function, describe a little the curves, and summarize the subject, that would be interesting, I think

SO, do you think it would be doable , and of some interest ?
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