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No Longer use Photobucket as your free photo hosting site

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No Longer use Photobucket as your free photo hosting site

Postby raticus » Thu Jul 20, 2017 11:01 pm

If you haven't noticed, Photobucket. com has decided to make the idiotic business destroying move of no longer allowing free 3rd Party hosting of photos, which is the primary reason why people use their site. They have replaced all links to their site that display photos such as in this forum and every other forum, with an 'error graphic' that states, 'Please Update Your Account for 3rd Party Hosting'. So basically they destroyed every forum on the planet where forum users use Photobucket, one of the most popular photo hosting sites. One could restore their ability to post 3rd Party photo links, for a ridiculous sum of $399 a year, which of course no one is about to pay as there are multiple other free photo hosting sites one can use, or people can rent their own webhost server space for under $10, so you have to wonder what the management at Photobucket were thinking... They basically destroyed their business in one simple move.

Anyway, just thought I'd throw the warning out, though it really isn't much of a warning as if you try to use Photobucket for the first time, you'll instantly realize it can't be used to post your photo links on sites like this forum, but for you people who have been using Photobucket like myself, we're all screwed as all the posts we've posted in the past, are no longer displaying our photos, making many of our forum post useless.
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