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Adding Photos to Your Post The Easy Way

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Adding Photos to Your Post The Easy Way

Postby Fat Bob » Sat Oct 26, 2013 11:08 am

I keep seeing users that are having trouble "attaching" a picture to their post (usually because of file size) so thought I'd offer an easier (IMO) method. Use a photo hosting site and "insert" them instead of "attaching" them. HUH? :?

I use , it's easy to use and best of all it's FREE. Go there, set up an account and upload your pictures. Size does NOT matter, that site will re-size them automatically. (even though they are re-sized they are still to big to "attach" on WT&T, don't worry about it).....Do you have that done yet?

Now when you want to add that picture to your post they are ready to "insert" from whatever you use to post on this site. (desktop, laptop, tablet etc. etc.)

Get your post started, (you are seeing my edit window as I'm creating this post) and you come to the point where you want your picture to appear. Just click the IMG tag at top of this windowImage ...and this appears Image (note your cursor is flashing in the middle, Leave it there!).

Now go to your Photobucket account, find the picture you want and click it. It will enlarge and to the right a "Links to share this photo" box will be there. left click the one that says "Direct" and it will be copied.

Come back to WT&T and paste the link between the Img tags, (you didn't move the cursor did you?Image. (Picture of a question I had for Jody on one of his videos).

Now I know it sounds like a lot but it really isn't. The part that takes time is uploading your pictures to Photobucket but they will always be there to use whenever want. A word of cation. Once you post a picture using this method do not move it to another fold on Photobucket or links break and a picture posted on other sites will disappear.

1. start editing your post/reply
2. go to photobucket, enlarge your picture and copy the "Direct" link for that photo
3. click the Img tag and paste the link on WT&T. (hint, hold down the Ctrl key and hit V to paste)
4. click the Preview button before you submit to see ...

For questions or comments please PM me or post in the General Shop Talk forum.

Hope this helps.
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