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Welding Christmas Gift...

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Welding Christmas Gift...

Postby WeldersWife » Fri Nov 10, 2017 1:33 pm


To start, this is a bit long, and I don't know much (if anything) about welding. I took a metals class in college, but we only did soldering (ring boxes, rings, the likes). So when I met my husband and he told me he had certifications in welding, it was new territory for me.

I want to get him a spectacular Christmas gift; last year he scrounged and saved to buy me a wine fridge and it was the most thoughtful gift anyone had ever given me. He's going back to school to get more certifications and eventually a degree in welding. He doesn't own a welder (yet), but has often lamented how he wants one of his own. And that's where my Christmas idea came in. I gathered some "starter tips" by saying my dad wanted a welder for his truck (and it's true, but he wants my husband's help).

I know that good welding equipment costs a chunk of change, and any welder worth his weight will tell you to get good welding equipment. But, I need to keep the price reasonable (we're moving and buying a house). Someday, he'll get some really nice equipment, but I'm thinking just so he can tinker at home and maybe work on small projects for school.

So, with the details that I got and bearing in mind that I'm a novice with a bit tighter budget, what decent, home-welding equipment should I look at?

    Basic MIG set up
    Tank of shielding gas
    Spool of filler wire
    "Anything that'll do a 1/4 inch will be more than enough to weld on most applications but keep in mind a power source. A lot will run on 220v and some can run on 220v and 110v"

Your expertise is appreciated! And sorry for the novel :)
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Re: Welding Christmas Gift...

Postby LtBadd » Fri Nov 10, 2017 4:10 pm

Hello and welcome to the forum
I use a Lincoln Power Mig 180 DV (dual voltage) at work. I've only run flux core wire, but it is a solid unit for welding up to 1/4". If you don't know, there is a flux core wire that doesn't need shielding gas, (which is what I've used) so you wouldn't need that (gas) unless he wants to run hard wire (MIG)

Miller has a comparable unit that I wouldn't hesitate to buy also, they have the Millermatic 190 which only runs on 240v or the MM 211 which runs on either 110 or 240. Right now there is a $100 rebate on the 211 if purchase from an authorized dealer such as Welding Supplies From IOC or your local welding supply if they are an authorized dealer

Post back and let us know what you decide.

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Re: Welding Christmas Gift...

Postby Poland308 » Fri Nov 10, 2017 5:39 pm

If you bump up to the Lincoln mp210 or any of the major manufacturers equivalents then you also get stick and dc tig capacity. Most likely a must on any welding cert seeking individuals list.
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Re: Welding Christmas Gift...

Postby Arclight Ironworks » Sun Nov 12, 2017 9:45 am

@ WeldersWife - strongly endorse the Lincoln 201MP. The machine is dual-voltage (120v, 240v) and will allow you to MIG, DC TIG (all materials except magnesium/aluminum), and Stick weld.

As a MIG unit, she is nice/nice.....with .030"/.035" wire .....and will adequately fuse 3/16" steel in single pass. The machine is also very good on DC TIG, especially when you incorporate an SSC TIG pedal into the equation.This machine will provide future growth for you husband, as his interests in welding processes increase and his skill sets develop.

For planning purposes you are looking at an investment of ~ $1,350 (machine), $180 (SSC TIG pedal), $100 (CK Worldwide 25ft, 17 Series Superflex TIG Torch w/ Flex Head and Valve), and $125 (80CF inert cylinder for C25 gas during MIG, or Ar gas during TIG).

We run both a Lincoln 210MP and Lincoln SW200 (AC/DC TIG, Stick). But we really like/like the performance and easy of use of the "210MP".

Watch the online sellers and you may score a deal on the machine and support equipment as BlackFriday approaches.
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Re: Welding Christmas Gift...

Postby MinnesotaDave » Sun Nov 12, 2017 9:36 pm

As mentioned, that Lincoln 210mp is pretty nice :) Miller 215 is their version of the mig,tig,stick.

If you can't decide, maybe a gift certificate to would work - lots to choose from there :)

I wouldn't worry about buying the tank and other stuff right at Christmas - that way he still gets to "guy shop" - lol
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Re: Welding Christmas Gift...

Postby WeldersWife » Mon Nov 13, 2017 11:23 am

Thank you all so much! It's a lot to think about, but now I'm not flying blind! Sounds like Lincoln is the way to go, especially since he mentioned MIG for more automotive work, and TIG for more "clean metal" work, so a dual solution would be good.

And yes--I'll make sure he still gets to guy shop :D This is definitely a passion of his, and I'm excited to learn more about it.


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