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Which chopsaw or Bandsaw would you get?

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Re: Which chopsaw or Bandsaw would you get?

Postby Fly » Wed Apr 05, 2017 1:28 pm

No question, the 14 " Evolution cold saw is my most used saw. I have many saws in my shop. Being
a retire tool & die maker I kept all my saws from over the years. But the most used saw in my shop
is the 14 " Evolution. Alum or steel it cuts it faster clean & with no heat. You can pull the metal
from the saw & it is barely warm.
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Re: Which chopsaw or Bandsaw would you get?

Postby homeboy » Wed Apr 05, 2017 9:45 pm

One thing I noticed when researching for a cold cut saw was that the older reviews for the Evolution 380 noted some complaints about the design. As the reviews got closer to present time these deficiencies were corrected and when I bought mine in 2015 all had been addressed. That indicated the company was listening and trying to improve their product. Dewalt on the other hand has had long standing complaints with their clamping system which recent reviews indicate has not been satisfactorily rectified. That was a main factor in my decision which to buy. :| :ugeek:
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Re: Which chopsaw or Bandsaw would you get?

Postby Rupes » Sat Apr 08, 2017 3:28 am

I bought a 14" Slugger dry cut saw. It had the best clamping system of the saws available here. That was the main prerequisite, it had to have a good clamp and accurate miters, well reasonable ones in any case.

I had years ago a chop saw and sold it. I then had a cheap bandsaw, very accurate no complaints except for one. Took forever to cut. Was ok though I could set up and have a smoke while it did its thing. However as I said slow, and also quite bulky.

Dry saw is a no brainer for me. Perhaps in production you could calculate cost per cut etc and maybe there are better options, but for a home user its great. Sits on a shelf, pull it out cut up 20 bits of stock in ten minutes and put it away. Gold. Same thing on a bandsaw takes 40 mins. All my aluminium I do on my Milwaukee 12" sliding compound wood saw. Just put in a aluminium blade.
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