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HF porta band stand

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HF porta band stand

Postby mpete53 » Sat Dec 31, 2016 2:54 pm

I got a HF porta band and wanted to be able to use it as a vertical band saw but I have a
problem Shop Space. I am a hobbyist working with wood, plastic, fiberglass, metal and welding all out of my basement shop. From the attached photos of my band saw stand you can see the mess. Making free standing stand would be great if I had a place to put it but I don't. So here is my answer, make a holder for the saw that I can clamp in my vise when I need it and of course a new table on the saw.

Attached is also a photo of my welding area. It's the stair well for my outside basement stairs. I put the wooden stair on wheels and pull them into the basement when I want to weld.

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