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Sip ideal 250 super

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Sip ideal 250 super

Postby shit@migslick@stick » Wed Apr 12, 2017 3:54 am

OK well I opted to purchase a 240v 200+a mig cuz my little 90a /230a stick to mig hybrid wasn't cutting I had a very small budget.. 500$ .."not very much" well I bought a Sip ideal 250 has a huge transformer .. 64 diodes in the rectifier 16 tap voltage selection. What seems to be a solid feeder assembly.a 12' tweco no. 2 mig torch . And has spot ,continuous ,. And stitch modes . I don't know the ratings as the sticker has been wiped clean but I know the ideal 240 outputs 240a with 60%duty cycle at 200a ..I used my amp meter and peaked at 320a so I know 250 must have better ratings but it's made to run on 50hz because it's made in Italy so at 60hz it must be even more efficient.. I think it falls under the industrial category ofsingle phase 240v ...of course it wouldn't touch a 3phase or 400v .I think it rocks just tears holes in 1/4 inch plate if I'm hot careful. On high.. lol ..please chime in on any info on this machine or if you have used one or similar .. ..keep welding! It came with a little bottle and regulator for 450. I didn't get ripped off right?
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Re: Sip ideal 250 super

Postby Otto Nobedder » Wed Apr 12, 2017 7:57 pm

Sounds like a sweet deal, to me. Especially with the Tweco torch, meaning you don't have to search the internet high and low for consumables.

Have you tested all the functions, like spot-time? They're not deal-breakers, but at that price, it's a bonus if they all work.

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