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Speedglas 9002NC

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Re: Speedglas 9002NC

Postby olek » Wed Oct 25, 2017 3:29 am

Oni wrote:If you liked your old 9000 series you will love the 9002 NC. It has the TrueView technology and the shell is exactly the same as the old 9000 with newer headgear. You'd be hard pressed to find a better helmet at the $200 price point.

If it was for me, I don't think mine is speed glass series. I find it very protective and heavily build, plus a better fit than the light lcd (despite the Ergotech LCD have 2 strips on the top I cannot always have it well installed.
Indeed, with the air feed part it does not move much.

I have seen those clear view pictures on 3M, I need to try one someday, at the moment I am reluctant to loose any "pixel" of définition !

They are not that expensive for 3M indeed

But the price of the LCD, 420€ n is far from what I can put in case I wanted to upgrade my mask (if possible)
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