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10 minutes , complete basics of stick welding

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10 minutes , complete basics of stick welding

Postby olek » Thu Dec 07, 2017 3:11 pm

That video, while quite old, is one of the best I have seen up to date (particularly because it is not long but all the parameters are covered very well, with some exageration indeed but after welding a little you get the point easily)

Way better than that this funny advertising for a school where, may be because in NZ (at the opposite of me) he see the result of angling the stick at reverse than what I think. ;)

A comment on that old one : they take in account the eventuality of arc blow , I rarely have seen demonstrations done that way .

Is it because they think heavy steel pieces, where arc blow can be more annoying ? Or modern equipment less sensitive to arc blow (I dont think so)

Anyway I more or less naturally raise my angle in the middle of a flat piece, welding around 85° to avoid too fat bead (since I was said I give too much "meat" to my beads)
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