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Another 6010 Question.

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Re: Another 6010 Question.

Postby RamboBaby » Mon May 29, 2017 7:39 am

Thanks Pete. I'm just as surprised as you are.
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Re: Another 6010 Question.

Postby olek » Mon Jul 17, 2017 12:47 pm

PeteM wrote:I can't be sure about other machines, but the last open root I ran was on a miller dynasty. The arc force/dig was set at a little past 12:00 and ran like a champ, so maybe 60%?

The main thing with open root is getting the stick through to the back side without poking it all the way out the other side. You have to listen for it to make a hollow shooooo sound (even on plate). If it isn't doing that the tip isn't placed right.

This vid by Jody is pretty much text book. He's whipping. I try to drag. Tomatoes/tomatoes. There is also a new vid up on weld dot coms channel that has the sound perfectly. One other thing to keep in mind with 6010 is that the slag forms as it cools, so when the metal is going down, what you see is what you're getting. With the reinforcement on back, the bead should only be filling the root gap to the top of the land (root face). You kind of have to drag the rod a little forward of the pool.

It takes a little bit for it to all come together, but once it does you'll wonder what the big deal was. It's like pulling up a zipper.

edit: Also, don't know if you do it or not but- the back side has to be clean too. You will not get good fusion if the backside has mill scale on it.

edit#2: there is also a vid on the afore mentioned channel that demonstrates dragging open root on plate perfectly. Notice how he leads the pool forward through the weld.


I find interesting to look at those videos again regularly, each time understanding better what is going on (due to training)

What kind of rod would I use for root pass open root if I cannot get 6010 ? AS I understand it it should work with a relatively low amp setting, would SS rod 308 do the trick ? (I could find SS plate if it is necessary but on steel, what kind of steel would do ?)

A link to the drag open root if you have it at hand ? thanks
Thank you
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