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Is Cobra suitable for my application?

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Is Cobra suitable for my application?

Postby fng_joe » Mon Jan 01, 2018 4:36 pm

Hello, first post.
I have an interest in hobbyist level welding
I want to be able to weld up to 1/2'" mild steel
I want to weld aluminum and stainless
I want to be able to cut
I don't care if something takes a long time
with all of these parameters I am thinking of getting the Cobra torch as it seemingly fits my needs
what do you guys think? any major disadvantages to going with this style of welding for me long term?
Thank you in advance
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Re: Is Cobra suitable for my application?

Postby aland » Sat Jan 06, 2018 4:12 am

Cobra/Henrob/DHC is such a controversial topic within welding circles, I should probably stay away from even responding. Especially after creating a thread about a trailer in this forum which ended up a giant disaster. In the short course of about a day I managed to kill my entire family, ran a filled school bus off a mountain road, lost the trailer and had it coast into a house off the highway and all because the first weld in my entire life was on a 30,000 lb. truck hitch...You may fair out better since nobody has enough experience to give you an answer.

I almost bought a Cobra recently and was looking. I mentioned it being a controversial topic, and people usually either love them or hate them. Many people have bought them and haven't used them. An expensive propane torch for sure, but for someone who only has oxy-acetylene, the Cobra is not a bad option for some stuff. It's pretty cost efficient on fuel and will weld stainless and aluminum....however, I know 2 different blacksmiths that swear by it. They only have oxy-acetylene in their shops, and one does metal art and work that only requires small tacks. The other does welding with it, but nothing as large as 1/2". I have used a Cobra before, it's not a bad torch, and it cuts clean. I've used one to cut a bit of angle.

Really depends on what you plan to do, but I wouldn't say welding 1/2" plate is where the Cobra shines. What do I know.

Faced with deciding on a Cobra recently I decided to go with an stick welder instead. For just a tad more than the Cobra I was able to get a DC tig/stick inverter. I think it was money better spent, sans loosing my family and all in the trailer thread... :oops:
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Re: Is Cobra suitable for my application?

Postby Antorcha » Sun Jan 07, 2018 7:58 pm

I had one for a while. I sold it. I'll just run my Victors ;) You want to weld 1/2" you better be a patient guy. I've done a little 1/4" here and there and that was plenty.Get a little DC inverter stick to weld with. Use the cobra for other stuff.
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