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Pricing Sanitary Welding

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Re: Pricing Sanitary Welding

Postby Rick_H » Mon Mar 20, 2017 5:55 pm

I know the contractor who use to do the sanitary piping before I started..oops... Was 100/hr reg, 150/hr sat, 200/hr sun. Another thing to consider to purge gas and you will mess up fittings from time to time and have to cut them out and re-fit, happens to the best of us.

I use dedicated consumables, tungsten grinder, I was cutting and filing by hand but recently got a squaring tool which makes my life so much easier. I pickle the joints, and polish them out with my burnishing tool..inside it fine and just needs basic sanitation (we have a process for this).

Some of the sanitary tubing carries minimums 100ft, usually is 20 ft sections.
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