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Spoiled myself

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Re: Spoiled myself

Postby jeffstevens2974 » Wed Oct 04, 2017 6:01 pm

Graveyard wrote:After 8 years with the same welding hood I decided to upgrade from my Speedglas 9100X to an 9100XXi. I also took some advice from the forum here and picked up a nice SSC 22-25K tig pedal for the Everlast 160 STH I just got. Unboxed everything and played with it a little last night and I am super pumped about the speedglas. The shade 5 side lenses seem to help a lot with eye fatigue and the tig pedal is super smooth. The everlast machine is just a backup/teaching machine I got for a good deal used. My main machine is the miller Syncrowave 210, if my pedal for it ever goes out in definitely gonna pick up another SSC for it as well.

Lucky Bugger! I'm looking at getting a Speedglas 9100xxi FX with the Adflo and my mate is looking at the 9002NC. Hows your helmet feeling so far?

I just found out that you also get a 3-year revolving warranty with Speedglas hoods and an extra year if you register it on their Aussie website, which seems like a valuable extra.
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