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High Frequency Arc Stabilizer in photo?

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High Frequency Arc Stabilizer in photo?

Postby warp2diesel » Sat Apr 30, 2011 2:06 pm

I TIG welded 37 years ago and want to get back into it for my hobbies. I have owned the MW Power Craft High Frequency Arc Stabilizer for years but never converted my buzz box to DC so I could hook it up. I had an itchy index finger in a hotel one night when I was browsing, so I ordered a Harbor Freight Inverter Tig/Stick welder. Ya I know my finger popped the button too soon before I find this web site.
Is there a chance I can use the High Frequency Arc Stabilizer to weld Aluminum with the HF Inverter welder?
What I find strange is that the HF Inverter welder came with a #17 torch made by Binzil Abicore and my old TIG torch has the same model number #17 and has a lot in common, just older.
Does any one know who made the High Frequency Arc Stabilizer for MW so I can get a manual?


OH, the HF unit is going to get a foot control, should be easy, just build one with a 5K pot and use the trigger switch on the torch.
If I get the itch for a better unit Santa may drop the HF unit off at my son's place. :lol:
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