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E71T-14 spec question

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Re: E71T-14 spec question

Postby MinnesotaDave » Wed Feb 15, 2017 7:57 am

homeboy wrote:I use only Lincoln E717-11 - .035 and works good any position. 1/8in should be no problem with a bit of practice. To make it easier and much cleaned give the area a dampening with anti-spatter spray. Does anyone have an opinion on the same spec. wire in Hobart? I am just curious as I have always used Lincoln and am quite happy and Hobart is about $20 more per 10# roll. Is it worth it or just personal preference? :?

I think it's a good question, I've been using Washington Alloy at $50 per 11 lb spool.
Works good so I would switch only if I could find cheaper alternative. But that's really as cheap as I've found so far.
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