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HELP! Gas Won't Flow - Everlast.

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Re: HELP! Gas Won't Flow - Everlast.

Postby bosulli » Sun Jul 23, 2017 11:37 am

When the hose is disconnected from the machine, the flow meter will top out, so everything behind the connection to the machine is G2G.

When I remove the lead, and jump the terminals at the machine output, the digital meters come on, the wire feed motor engages, and the flow meter reads 10 CFH (flow meter valve wide open). So, the issue is between the gas IN connection and the machine output (where you connect the lead to the machine).

Now, as andersK proposed, to by pass the solenoid. The internal line runs behind the circuit boards, and I am not confident about poking around back there when the capacitors could still be full of angry pixies.
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