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Harbor Freight Vulcan.

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Harbor Freight Vulcan.

Postby Glowzinski » Wed Sep 27, 2017 8:13 pm

I have a Bobcat 250 and an AHP Alpha Tig. I have been wanting a mig welder. Yes, I could get stuff to do that on my Bobcat. But, I would rather use a different machine. I am teaching myself to weld. I have gotten stick and tig down. I was shocked that I could teach myself to do those types. haha ANYWAY, I got an email from Harbor, showing a new Vulcan welder.

MIGMax™ 215 Welder with 120/240 Volt Input
50 to 500 inches per minute
120V: 30-140A; 240V: 30-215A
light fabrication, maintenance and repair, auto body, farm/ranch, home projects


120V: 115A / 19.75V / 30% 20.7A input; 240V: 200A / 24V / 25% 24.8A input




50 to 500 inches per minute

Steel, stainless steel, and aluminum (with optional spool gun)

120V: steel, 24 ga. - 1/8 in, aluminum 16 ga. - 1/8 in.; 240V: steel 24 ga. - 3/8 in, aluminum 16 ga. - 3/8 in.

16 in.

21 in.

44 lbs.

11 in.

73.80 lb.

0.025 in. (0.6mm) -0.035 in. (0.9mm) solid / 0.030 in. (0.8mm) - 0.045 in. (1.2mm) cored wire

Vulcan 180A MIG welding gun 10 ft., Gas and gasless nozzle (1 ea.), cable liner, 0.030 in. contact tips (2 ea.), Work cable and clamp 10 ft., Ar & Ar/CO2 flow gauge regulator and hose 6 ft., 2 lb. spool of 0.030 in. Vulcan flux core wire, 2 lb. spool of 0.030 in. Vulcan MIG wire, 0.025 in. - 0.035 in. v-groove drive roll, 0.030 & 0.035 in. knurled drive roll

So, that is $599. Has anyone used one of these? I really have no room for more bottles and another machine. But, when I want something, I find ways to make it work. haha
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Re: Harbor Freight Vulcan.

Postby ldbtx » Thu Sep 28, 2017 7:11 am

I bought a 120V MIG machine from Horrible Freight years ago. After a few weeks of frustration and saying bad words, I chunked it in the dumpster (literally) and bought a Lincoln SP-135 Plus. I still have the little Lincoln 20-some-odd years later and it still works fine.

My experience with Harbor Freight is that their QC is spotty, especially in items with electrical components or moving parts. You have to watch what you buy from them. My personal rule of thumb is never buy anything from HF that you're not prepared to throw away after one job. If it lasts longer than that, you've been pleasantly surprised. I've been pleasantly surprised a few times over many years, but not often.

As I tell everyone who asks me for tool or equipment recommendations, "I've never regretted the money I spent on good tools".

I'd suggest saving up a bit more and getting a quality machine that'll still be in your shop years from now. I paid $900 out the door, for my Tweco (which I think is ESAB now) Fabricator 211i at my LGS. It does MIG, stick and scratch TIG, and even holds a 12" wire spool. You might also check Craigslist for a good deal on a quality used machine.

Good luck to you,
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Re: Harbor Freight Vulcan.

Postby Louie1961 » Thu Sep 28, 2017 1:58 pm

Actually go over to welding web and do a search Terry (screen name shovelon) is a long time member there and well respected. He was a beta tester for several of the new vulcan machines. He has lots of nice things to say about them. In his words, the MIGmax 215 is a no brainer. There are a few other reviews over there as well.
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