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International temp work?

Whos hiring and where, pay, hours, Certification tests given, tig, mig, stick?

International temp work?

Postby mindburn » Thu Oct 01, 2015 10:08 am

Brief profile:
-wildland firefighter in summer
-certified 6G Open root SMAW/FCAW.
-three years experience. Mostly natural gas piping all position and diameters 1" to 6"
-plan on world travel this winter, and would like to pick up some international welding work in between. Temp/term projects.

Obviously, I don't desire to weld full-time year round; as I am employed by the U.S. Forest Service half the year. Welding is a skill I enjoy and want to take to different parts of the world. I know there are lots of opportunities out there, and travel options are endless.

An example goal would be finding a split schedule (i.e. Two weeks on, two weeks off, 5 on 5 off, etc.) in lets say, Singapore, perhaps the best hub for flights in and around Southeast Asia. Panama Canal and Australia are a few other places in which I understand there is a welder shortage. Note: Canada excluded, as I dont plan on going that direction. Also, I may not be able to work there because of a DUI six years ago. The five years passing and then one can enter is mostly myth. It is also nearly impossible to get a work visa there with that on record, at least from what I understand so far.

My reason for this post is inquiring whether anyone has done a similar thing and may perhaps have company names, ideas, required training to pursue, or if its just a bunch of hype, or anything else of value.

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Re: International temp work?

Postby Otto Nobedder » Thu Oct 01, 2015 6:06 pm

I've never done it.

I can tell you there is an "international" section on

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